FIFA Women's World Cup

Join the worldwide celebration of the beautiful game and show your support for your favorite country!

Multiple countries are represented by ACFC and other NWSL athletes who were called up to play for their national teams, which means multiple designs being brought to market.

This is the perfect scenario for on-demand manufacturing and delivery with Sustainable Souls.

Stay agile with the storylines of players getting the nod or teams performing well, eliminate any guesswork on inventory, and showcase the full spectrum of national pride during this global event.

The activation also included sustainable fabrics to complete a message of global responsibility. 


This type of activation, with multiple SKUs and a wide size run, can bust your budget and clog your fulfillment warehouse.

By selecting our on-demand manufacturering option, ACFC was able to offer every nation in the WWC, promise 2-5 business days for delivery in the United States, and rest assured that there would not be leftover inventory at the end of the event.