Our Partnership Difference

We understand that cause-focused organizations run lean.

We are here to guide you through creation and management of a successful apparel program, turning your potential cost center into a profit center.

Achieving success means having an extraordinary experience with Sustainable Souls while achieving your revenue and brand goals.

  • Sustainable Souls

    • Care: Deeply care about your organization, mission, and success
    • Guide: Own the planning process as your guide to success
    • Innovate: Design products in line with our tiered services (some included)
    • Execute: Consistently intake, print, and ship orders directly to your patrons
    • Optimize: Actively analyze partner data to apply expertise in making data-driven retail decisions
  • Our Partners

    • Care: Have excitement about the possibilities of Print-on-Demand
    • Plan: Assign a champion to partner in the planning process
    • Execute: Have a dedicated approver of design ideas, make products active on your site, if not using the Sustainable Souls' Marketplace, within mutually agreed upon timeframes
    • Promote: Market your products and programs through your existing channels for maximum impact
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