Founded in 2015 by Australian surfers Pete Ceglinski and Andrew Turton, the Seabin Project has evolved from a simple ocean trash skimmer to a sophisticated, data-driven operation. Beyond cleaning harbors, marinas, and ports, Seabin now plays a vital role in global ocean health, partnering with major brands and government bodies, and has reached a $1 million milestone in annual recurring revenue from the sale of impact data​​.

Key Projects & Impact

Seabin V5 and V6 Deployments

The Seabin V5 and V6 models continue to be instrumental in removing marine debris, including microplastics and oils. Significant achievements include filtering over 14 billion liters of water in Sydney Harbour, capturing over 100 tons of marine litter. In Los Angeles, within a span of just a few months in 2022, Seabin filtered 1 billion liters of water and captured 2.1 tons of marine litter​​​​.

Data-Driven Environmental Impact

Seabin's transition to leveraging environmental data for revenue marks a significant pivot in their business model. Their upcoming financial data products, akin to carbon credits but focused on microplastics, will offer valuable insights into ocean pollution, aiding companies and government bodies in making informed decisions​​.

Global Expansion and Community Involvement

Seabin's global presence has expanded, with operations in 53 countries. The 'Smarter Cities - Cleaner Oceans' pilot in Sydney has set a precedent for full-service pollution control in urban waterways, with plans to scale this model worldwide​​.

  • Invest

    With as little as $250, you can invest in Seabin. Click here to learn more about the future direction of Seabin and the ways to invest.

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    Contributions to Seabin can be made through direct donations.

  • Corporate Partnerships

    Corporations can partner with Seabin to fund installations and educational programs.